Friday, December 29, 2006

No Contest

Everyone writes their year-end 'Somethingest Something' list. For 2006, there's no question what the best story was.

It happened in Greece, New York. Jason McElwain, the 5'6" autistic team manager for the Greece Athena High School basketball team, scored 20 points in his first and only 4 minutes of action in his career. There was much rejoicing by all.

"I ended my career on the right note. I was really hotter than a pistol!" Nice Jawb, J-Mac!

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The Correspondent said...

It was also the most annoying story of the year for anyone in the Greece, NY television market. I may be, check that, I *am* a cold-ass sonofabitch, but you wouldn't even know the kid had autism if they didn't tell you. Highly functioning? Shit, he probably functions higher than you and me put together.

Really, it's not that I didn't like the kid, it was every god, dammed, day! we got stories about J-MAC meeting the mayor, and being in a parade, and wiping his own ass. Every. Friggin. Day. For weekS.