Monday, May 14, 2007

Old Man Moon

I can think of a few reasons in Randy Moss's trunk why the Packers would have no interest in caving in to whatever Brett Favre's demands may or may not be. Doesn't he remember how DISGUSTED little Joe Buck was?

The way these front office guys like to claim they take the high road, I'm surprised the Packers' brass hasn't come out and patted themselves on the back for taking a stand against giving Randy Moss his next chance, despite Favre (by his own account) taking care of all the particulars on his own.

Anyways, our buddy Jay Glazer filed the report that had Favre requesting a trade 2 or 3 days after the draft, through his agent. As mentioned previously, it was raining "Woe is Brett Favre" stories after the draft, including Peter King's rendition that Favre probably threw a shoe through his television machine for the lack of help they gave him. I call bullshit. Even if they had shoes down there, he'd have badly overthrown the set.

On the other hand, anything Jay Glazer says is completely accurate:

The trade request was relayed to head coach Mike McCarthy, who immediately phoned the Super Bowl-winning quarterback. However, the quarterback ignored all his calls for a week, letting the request fester and perhaps showing the team how upset he was this time.

Nice, so he phoned a threat in and then refused to pick up the phone for a week. What a fun-loving, stand-up guy.

Yeah, I'm going to go ahead and also call bullshit on the notion that the Packers are doing nothing to help Favre.

I did some snooping on the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel site and the Favre supporters believe GM Ted Thompson equals former Bulls GM Jerry Krause (who expressed that front offices win championships and shut down the Bulls after their last championship, even though signing a couple lines would have almost ensure one more).

It's a silly comparison. The Bulls had another championship in hand, it's been many years now since the Packers were a threat, even though Esteemed Reader Freen tells me that at the opener in 2007, they're still announcing them as the World Champion Green Bay Packers. That's sad and desperate clinging they're doing up there.

But the implication is clear that Thompson is sabotaging Favre so the GM will get credit for building a non-Favre-related title team to come.

As Inspector Sidney Wong once said: "Interesting theory, but forget one thing. Is stupid! Is stupidest thing I ever heard!"

The Packers used 5 of their top 7 draft picks on offense last month. In 2006, they used 5 of their top 7 draft picks on offense. If that's sabotage, at least they're consistent about it. Among last year's draftees were 2 offensive linemen and WR Greg Jennings, all of whom played well next to Favre, not at some future time that Favre has no use for.

They got old trying to keep everyone together for the rest of Favre's career. Except perhaps for Javon Walker, who Favre ripped publicly for making long-term contract demands. Favre called him out and told him to have some respect by honoring his contract, and then Walker blew out a knee shortly after, proving why he wanted some security.

Now Favre's out there negotiating trades and contracts for Randy Moss and then crying when it turns out that there are more particulars than he realizes.

If he wanted to do his team a favor, he wouldn't be undecided about retiring for several years in a row. We know he loves the drama and his face on television, but it's not a service to the front office to keep them in the dark until just before the draft, as he did last season.

This is all about to finish coming full circle, gang. Me and my kind are going to be the only ones who love having Favre around. The Packers front office has quickly watched him become The Thing That Wouldn't Leave, while also being the thing they can't upset. No one questions that Packer brass has to keep Favre as long as he wants to play and treat him well, but they hoped he'd be honest and forthcoming instead of secretive and critical.

The writers are showing signs of tiring of Favre's act. First sign of that I saw was last year when Favre was still undecided, called a press conference, and then mocked those who showed up as ambulance-chasers, because he's got nothing to say except about his golf tournament. There are some opinions out there now about Favre outlasting his welcome.

This is a long way from just earlier this decade when, a few years in a row, Favre's INTs were part of playoff debacles, he ducked out the back door of the locker room and left his teammates to talk to the media, yet Favre was still hailed as the same fun-loving stand-up guy.

I remember him standing up one of the times, ending his offseason silence to come out during Super Bowl week, saying he's thrown that pass many times in his career, Javon just didn't go get it this time, so there was a miscommunication to say the least. Uh huh.

Even if everyone else is getting sick of it, I'll be glad to see you back out there, Brett. Last year you were mediocre, which was a huge improvement, and you went out on a Costanza-style high note, thanks in part to Rex Grossman being caught up in his party planning. I'd like to see it end more abruptly than that, perhaps on a Peanut Tillman hit like that one up there.

It took all these years, but I'm finally on board with the loving of the fun. When you run 4 yards past the line of scrimmage, throw a forward pass underhanded to avoid a hit, and then laugh about it, unlike the Randy Moss trou-drop, I enjoy it as much as Joe Buck.

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