Friday, February 2, 2007

Beat the Shitwit: Super Bowl XLI Predictions

Talk about one of the all-time backfires. I talk a good game trying to make a name for myself, and every last shitwit has me beat. I'll get the final score just right and totally redeem myself.

I'll also try to accrue expert predictions and paint the full landscape. Bearss.

Line for this week:

Ind -7 over Bearss (O/U = 48)

Remember to denote the final score.

Shitwit #1: Mike North (7-3, 2-1)

Da Bears

A steamed guest: azibuck (6-4, 2-1)
Colts 23, Bears 10

Shitwit #3: Dan McNeil (5-5, 1-2)


Esteemed reader: Freen (4-6, 1-2)

Bears 33, Colts 19

Shitwit #2: dhort (4-6, 1-2)

Bears 23, Colts 15

Punch Me Harder:

The Sports Illustrated Posse

Peter King: Colts 27, Bears 21
Paul Zimmerman: Colts 34, Bears 24
Don Banks: Colts 30, Bears 17
Jeffri Chadiha: Colts 27, Bears 23
Nunyo Demasio: Colts 31, Bears 24
Michael Silver: Colts 27, Bears 13
Tim Layden: Colts 38, Bears 35

Mike Ditka: Bears 28, Colts 21
Sporting News Vinnie Iyer: Colts 34, Bears 24

Mario Batali: Colts 38, Bears 28
Jimmy Buffett: Colts 27, Bears 0

Here's 100 celebrities. 27 picked the Bears. If the Bears are good enough for Ed Asner, they're good enough for me. Screw Mark Wahlberg.

The oddest comment there has to be from the obviously punch-drunk Sylvester Stallone: "Colts, 38-30. They are a team of destiny and nothing could be harder than what they went through to get here."

Sly should hook up with Cloris Leachman. They can discuss the hurricanes that pelted Indiana. Cloris's prediction: "Who are the Colts with? And the Bears? I am from Chicago. I will watch. Who is supposed to win? Who do they think?"


freen said...

Bearss 33
Colts 19

azibuck said...

Colts 23
Bears 10

dhort said...

Ouch. I'll assume this is gamesmanship and you're just exercising your only chance to beat North in the Shitwit Derby.

dhort said...

Congratulations to whichever reader posted as "No. 4" recently and said Brett Favre would foist himself on Super Bowl week and grab whatever spotlight he could.

The fun-loving gunslinger very coincidentally announced today that he will be back next year. We've got the countdown to the all-time INT record ready for you, Brett.

Joey Jo-Jo said...

That would be me, Don.

I can count on four things in life:
1) The Cubs looking good every year;
2) The toilet stall always having the t.p. positioned on the spool so it's doing "the under" instead of "the over;"
3) Eighth place in a 7-place-payout poker tourney; and
4) Brett Favre saying he'll make a decision "very soon... in the next week or two..." and then waiting four full weeks until Super Bowl week to reluctanly announce he'll come back again for millions of dollars (because he just loves the game so gosh-durn much). [Parenthetical editorializing provided by ESPN™]

Brett: Go hell now.