Friday, February 23, 2007

This Cloud Has a Silver Lining

The current cloud is Bears' standard operating procedure: mangling the process of getting a head coach in place. Toss those nickels around like manhole covers, McCaskeys, just like Da Coach said.

Lovie's loudmouthed agent has done more than his share by ripping the Bears front office in the press every day, but this is all pretty typical fare from the team that brought you the abortive Dave McGinness hiring press conference. Dave phoned in that day and said "On 2nd thought, no thanks."

Anyways, contrary to an earlier opinion of mine, the Dallas Cowboys have proven they're not smart enough to leave Wade Wilson here to continue working on The Rex Grossman Experiment.

Wade's been laboring on Rex's fun-da-mentals for 3 years now and, many games, the funky QB can take a snap and get out from center cleanly. Too often, not so much.

Advanced topics like diving forward for a few yards when no one's around may have been in Wade Wilson's 5-Year Plan somewhere. Alas, we'll never be sure.

Wilson's headed back to Texas where he belongs. He was the Cowboy QB Coach from 2000-2002. Now, with a few more years of experience under his belt, he returns as ... QB Coach. He'll be working under Jason Garrett, who was a QB Coach for about 10 minutes before moving up in the world.

Wilson cited the ongoing Lovie Smith contract saga as a reason for leaving.

''You would think there would be a lot more continuity coming off a Super Bowl appearance,'' Wilson said. ''The changes that were made and some of the things that have been said, once I was given permission, I had to take care of myself. If things are not going well for Lovie and things are not going well for all the position coaches, you have to take advantage.''

Laughably, Wilson also expressed his utter shock that he wasn't given a key to the city for his obviously outstanding work teaching Rex Grossman the finer points.

''There was a person who evaluated me, and I was shocked by some of the things that were said and took major exception," Wilson said, declining to reveal if it was another coach or a member of management. ''That is why I wanted out of Chicago.''

Awwwwww. Good riddance. Enjoy Texas. With Coach Phillips on board, don't be shocked or take major exception when they call you Little Wade. It fits you.

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