Monday, March 12, 2007

Everybody Hates the Big Ten

I figured before I'm asked to piss a couple bucks away on the NCAA Tournament, a request I proudly comply with, I should probably watch my first college hoop of the season.

I don't know where the time's gone that it's March already. I do know that 2 years ago the Illini were one of the most likeable teams in the nation, and that I could see going into this season that I hated all the players who were still around.

Anyways, I finally watched about 15 minutes of hoop action before they announced the brackets. Big Ten Final: Wisconsin vs Ohio State. From this, I only picked up one insight and I'm sure it will be integral to my bracket success.

Everyone knows about this look-alike situation.

Wisconsin's Kammron Taylor and Chris Rock

It blew my mind some when Ohio State brought in their own Chris Rock look-alike.

Ohio State's David Lighty and James Tyler Williams

Williams plays young Chris Rock on "Everybody Hates Chris," which is actually a pretty funny program over on the C-Dub.

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