Saturday, January 6, 2007

Al Michaels Has Lost His Fastball, Screwball Also Shaky

Al Michaels has completely lost it. I came to the computer and started typing instead of waiting to see who NBC's "Rock Star of the Game" was, whatever that means. I'll assume it was Pink.

In the last 2 minutes of a playoff game, it was too much to expect of Al Michaels to know who was ahead. He insisted repeatedly that the Seahawks, leading 21-20, had no choice but to let the Cowboys waltz into the end zone unchallenged.

I wrote this down - when the replay put Dallas at 4th down with 1:19 to play, trailing by 1, Al said "Parcells is almost compelled here to kick the field goal." Yes, I'd agree he's "almost compelled" to try and take the lead instead of losing the game. Good thinking. Check the friggin' scoreboard.

Al was screwy earlier on the wacky play that ended up being a Seattle safety on Terry Glenn's fumble. Al went into the commercial shouting that Parcells had a hundred choices as to what to ask to be reviewed.

Al, the ref reviews the whole play. The coach doesn't have to guess right. If Glenn never caught it, it'll be reversed whether that's what Parcells asked him to look at or not. I know this, so why don't you?

One thing I wanted reviewed about the Witten play was the clock. Seems pretty important at that point. That play started at 1:53 and, to be crazy, let's say it took 10 seconds. Then they reviewed it and Seattle obviously wanted a timeout as soon as the play ended.

So how is there only 1:19 left when Dallas lines up for the FG? Holmgren got screwed out of a lot of time there. But Romo's butterfingers made it a moot point, and actually it gave the Seahawks a lot less time to run off.

Dallas only had time for a Hail Mary once they got Romo to wipe his nose and stop crying for long enough to throw it. You'd think since Terry Glenn was a big part of the reason they blew the lead, she'd dive for the Hail Mary that slipped through near her reach.

I ain't scared of the Seahawks, that's for sure. Now-former MVP Shaun Alexander looks awfully furby-ish. But I'll put Jerramy Stevens down for a TD when he runs past Hunter Hillenmeyer next week. I'll also put Devin Hester down for a return TD and I hope he has as much fun as the Austin kid did when he was running that kick back. That was a good moment.

But I wanted the Cowboys coming to Chicago. I wanted to see them come in here and talk all the bullshit I saw them talking tonight. Holy Christ, Julius Jones is such a tough guy, McManus. A lot of big talkers got sent home tonight.

I'm sure TO will have a lot to say. 2 catches for 26 yards against street CBs. Marion Barber 3 carries for 4 yards. Nutty stuff.

Next week's schedule is already set. Bears vs. someone at Noon Sunday. Giddyup. Tony Parrish was close to making it back, but it looks like welcome back to Bobby Engram.

Saturday, January 13
4:30 p.m. on CBS -- Indianapolis Colts (13-4) at Baltimore Ravens (13-3)

8 p.m. on FOX -- Philadelphia Eagles (10-6) or Seattle Seahawks (10-7)
at New Orleans Saints (10-6)

Sunday, January 14
1:00 on FOX -- Seattle Seahawks (10-7) or New York Giants (8-8)
at Chicago Bears (13-3)

4:30 on CBS -- New England Patriots (12-4) or New York Jets (10-6)
at San Diego Chargers (14-2)


azibuck said...

>Seattle obviously wanted a timeout as soon as the (Witten) play ended

They obviously did, but obviously neglected to actually signal for one. I just looked and no one in the shots on TV is calling for one. About the only action is a Seahawk yelling at the official that tried to gift us the win with the generous spot and that guy telling the Seahawk to shut up. A few times.

Holmgrem probably isn't smart or sure enough that if he calls a timeout and there is a booff review, he gets the option of taking the timeout back. I'm not sure, but I think that's the case. I don't know why he wouldn't call timeout, but he didn't.

If you were wondering, I never, not once thought this one was in the bag. I looked at the bag after Seattle failed on 4th and goal at 20-13, but never opened or even touched the bag. Then after the Glenn play I didn't need Al to tell me all the ways the Cowboys could lose this game.

I don't think Romo dropping the ball was one of the ones I thought of. I was thinking Grammarian would push it right, or he'd make it but then kick it off OB again and a couple of coverage screwups later Jawsh Brown would win it with a chippy.

As wacky as it went, and the fact we got the punt at the 50, I allowed myself a flicker of hope. You know, just so I could get all pissed off again. I think Glenn's position was poor on the Hey Mary, but that's a tough call.

What a clusterbleep.

Anonymous said...

Goofball --- Michaels was 1000% right! What he said was Dallas could run the clock down and then let Grammatica kck a gamewinning field if seattle DIDN'T let them waltz in a for score. Get the wax out of your ears....

dhort said...

Ow, my freakin' earwax! Anonymous, what was Michaels 1000% right about? He said (and you don't mention it) that the Seahawks should have handed Dallas the lead and tried to run a 1-minute drill of their own. Idiocy.

Albeeno said it was the same situation, conundrum, whatever, as Super Bowl XXXII (Denver 31, GB 24).

Wrong. In that case, the game was tied. In this case, Holmgren was on the lead. If it's ever advisable to tell your defense to lay down, it certainly isn't when your team is leading.

If anything, I'm giving Al the benefit of the doubt that he had a senior moment and simply didn't know the score.

I'm basing that partially on his comment that Parcells was now "almost compelled" to kick the FG. At that point, Madden's tone was 'What the hell are you talking about? Get your head out of your ass, All. There's not a choice here.'

Anonymous said...

Doofus --- what is it you still don't understand? Michaels was thinking ahead to the fact that the best thing for the Cowboys to do was milk the clock down to a couple of seconds and then kick a game-winning field goal. Otherwise Seattle still would have had at least a minute to get into field goal range for the best kicker in the league - Josh Brown. And THEY would've won the game. I know this is all too complex for a birdbrain like you to understand. Sober up.

azibuck said...

Your name is Doofus? That's what the d in dhort stands for? Huh. Didn't know that.

I did know you needed to sober up.

dhort said...

azibuck, I tip my hat and my hand to you for your stating that you thought the Witten spot was generous.

I hate all that replay stuff and wouldn't blame you for some sour grapes.

I felt there were some curious penalties called against the Cowboys, but they were all in the first half and none were game-changers by any stretch. Tough beat.