Friday, January 5, 2007

Beat the Shitwit -- Wildcard Round

I don't drive much anymore, so I don't listen to the talk radio about town like I used to. But I assume it hasn't changed that shitwits Mike North and Dan McNeil brag every Monday & Tuesday about all the cash they won "at the window" over the weekend betting on football.

Their picks against the spread have been printed in the Sun-Times every week and they're not winning bags of dough with those. I also pick each game every week at a page on my brother IckyJoey's site. My percentage is nothing to brag about either, but it's far better than these boasting shitwits.

So let's have a Shitwit Playoff Showdown, shall we? We'll go today's Sun-Times lines as final:

  • Colts -7 KC
  • Seattle -3 Dallas
  • NE - 8.5 NYJ
  • Eagles -7 NYG
Note: Season records have been tracked and published all season but may not quite add up, due to slight differences in the lines used, and the Sun-Times guys skipping at least some of the Thursday games.

Shitwit #1: Dan McNeil (Regular Season Record: 105-141-7... bwahahaha!)

This weekend's picks (best bet in bold):

New England

Shitwit #2: Mike North (Regular Season Record: 107-139-7... laughable, man)

New England
NY Giants

Shitwit #3: dhort (Regular Season Record: 128-122-6)

NY Jets

I'm aware I'm talking to my bloody self here, but if you want in on the shitwit derby, post your picks based on the lines above and let's get after this thing!


freen said...

It's true. I really do exist.

KC +7
Seattle -3
NYJ +8.5
Eagles -7

dhort said...

Giddyup. You're in. Nice jawb bolding your lock!

To clarify, we'll pick all 11 games throughout the playoffs and see who wins the most. Tiebreaker will be how many locks of the week you got right.

azibuck said...

Jesus Crist, can't you make the comments come up in a little box like all the good blawgs? Jesus.

Indy -7
Seattle +3
NE -8.5
NYG +7

Indy -- I don't think much of KC and they suck on the road. I think Indy will just outscore them and eventually make Herm the genius feel like passing even though they should keep running.

Seattle -- If Seattle doesn't beat Dallas, Holmgrem ought to fire himself. And hopefully, replace himself with Parcells. I can't make it the lock though because Seattle isn't exactly good and Hasselbeck might turn it over a couple times.

NE -- I just see age and treachery beating youth and... whatever that saying is. They'll wear the Jet down and crush their spirit. I'll be rooting for the Jet and Mangina to grind Belichick's chalkface into... the... chalk, but I don't see it.

NYG -- They went 2-6 in the 2nd half, which was two games better than I thought so clearly I've underappreciated them. This is more a vote against PHI and a contrarian pick than anything.

I'll lay 20 and take the AFC in the Super Bowl right now.