Thursday, January 25, 2007

Psycho Babble Mars Super Spectacle

First a positive note. An unofficial study of all published pre-season Super Bowl predictions showed that 3 experts correctly predicted that the Bears would make it to Miami. They were (left to right):

Brian Baldinger of Fox Sports, Katherine Smith of the Tampa Tribune, Tim Cowlishaw of the Dallas Morning News.

Nice jawb! Apologies to Baldy for the crop job. You've got a heck of a melon there, big fella.

Many others selected the Carolina Panthers, who failed miserably at making the playoffs. SI's Don Banks was among the Panther faithful, continuing well into the season with his assertion that they'd run the table.

Regardless of this, Banks has thrown down the gauntlet on Super Nonsense and written this classy item called Told Ya!, all about what a genius he was for correctly predicting Indianapolis would win the Super Bowl.

I nailed this one, folks. I had Indy's path to the Super Bowl laid out for all to see, making the case that the Colts would be the latest pro sports team to win it all precisely because of the way they lost the year before.

All right, Don. You can tear a rotator cuff patting yourself on the back for one good prediction versus all the bad ones, if that makes you feel good. But contrary to your opinion, the Colts haven't won anything yet - you haven't told us squat that has proved true.

That's what passes for journalism these days, I guess. Banks did a great job on Monday calling the Parcells retirement:
He doesn't look like a head coach who's preparing to walk away from the league to me. Parcells is planning on attending the Senior Bowl workouts in Mobile, Ala., this week, and has been showing up to work each day at Valley Ranch. Contractually he has until Feb. 1 to clue Cowboys owner Jerry Jones in on his 2007 intentions.

Feb. 1. Doesn't that fall during Super Bowl week? Ah, now I understand his timing. Parcells won't clear things up for us until he gets to steal a little bit of the spotlight from the two teams who actually make Super Bowl XLI.
He nailed that one, too. Told ya!

Meanwhile, what's unfortunately passing for news, until the players start talking, is some twerp who calls himself Chong on his cable access show trying to shake Safety Chris Harris down for tickets.

The bums will always lose, Chong. Get a job, sir.

Another week-plus of this. Let's play some football already. Bearss.

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No. 4 said...

Wait another couple days until I belly-flop on the scene with my annual Super Bowl week hijacking where I announce my intentions to deliberate further on my possibility of maybe playing next season, depending on how I feel and what my family has to say about it.

Look at me! Please! Someone? Peter King, where are you?