Saturday, January 20, 2007

Nearly Unanimous: Saints over Bears

I don't find it "disrespect" that it's very hard to find an expert who picks the Bears to beat the Saints in Soldier Field Sunday. In fact, I wish the Bears players hadn't taken the bait and played the tired "We feel we're being disrespected card."

Dez Clark led that cry, so we'll see how he responds. He already played quite well last week with some terrific blocks on Thomas Jones's TD runs. I'd expect to see him catch some passes this week against a shoddy Saints linebacking corps led by journeyman Scott Fujita. There's a reason the Saints are in the bottom 1/4 of the league at defending the run.

The reason the Bears will win is tackling. It will neutralize Reggie Bush. Offense is more exciting, so announcers love a good blown tackle or 4. The Bears rarely accommodate. Urlacher overran a few last Sunday and that's not going to happen.

Tip on getting ready for the game: I read Mike Silver of CNNSI write the latest media whine about how the Bears hurt his feelings in the locker room, and this is one reason he chose to cover the IND/NE game instead. Be like the Bears Sunday.

A couple minutes before kickoff, scan your living room for undesirables such as media slime. Have everyone who does belong start shouting at the top of their lungs, in a T-Rex like roar (as Silver described it) to flush out the unwelcome un-Bears elements.

Let's throw it to the panel of independent thinkers one more time for highly intelligent expert analysis. Go Bearss.


Bill Swirski said...

I seem ta have been left out of da panel of experts, but I wanted ta get my prognostication in for the Ditka Bowl dis Sunday.

Bearss: One hunnert an' four
Saints: Tree.

I plan on celebrating with a sausage an' onion sangwich.

Da Bearss!

dhort said...

Attaboy, Bill.

I just walked to the Jewels in the snow, so I think that's Bears weather, my friend. Bearss.